The Smell of Copenhagen

It has been 2 months already since I moved to the Danish capital, and it starts feeling like home. Coming from a small city, the amount of people, tourists and traffic in this city can be overwhelming at times, not to mention the time spent in public transportation. I know, I know, it’s nothing like Paris or New York, but it is still a vibrant city, with an International vibe and tons of events.

An interesting thing I noticed when walking around on a sunny afternoon is that I feel mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture. I have been traveling a lot, and always saw new places with ‘tourist’ eyes, taking pictures of everything and imagining how lucky the people living there are. I was also sadly noticing that most of them forget to look around, being too busy thinking about to-do-lists and everyday routines. They forget how wonderful their surroundings are, and how many people pay little fortunes just to get to see the things they pass by every day.

copenhagenI still stop and admire the beauty of this city, everytime I cross the bridge towards the city center on a sunny day. And I believe we would all be happier if we would stop and look around from time to time, being grateful for what we have, where we are and what we get to experience.