Sneak peek into Sophie’s World

“Wind in my Hair, I’m a Part of Everywhere”

Welcome to Sophie’s blog. As you go through, you will discover a bit of the world of a curious and passionate 20something girl. Why, you may ask? –  Life is full of mysteries, and the more we share and learn from each other, the more we grow. I am on the hunt for answers, aiming to understand more every day.

To start with, I believe that traveling is eye-opening, allowing people to experience the reality of others. World as we know it is just one drop in the ocean. There is so much out there to discover! So you will find here posts about my journeys, things I learned, what inspired me, some pictures I took on the way.

Further on, self-discovery has been something that I strived for since I can remember. Knowing more about myself, being more aware and at peace with myself, understanding what makes me and others tick and why we act in a specific way, all these are things I am really passionate about.  Therefore, some of my posts will reflect on various issues, or share tools and tips I considered useful during my journey.

On the same lines, other posts will talk about yoga. I was introduced to this a few years back; I saw it as a kind of sport at that time, but as time went by, my practice became more than that. Then it just took one wonderful instructor (who I met during the time I spent in Spain) to understand how many things lie behind our movements and breathing techniques. She was an inspiration, and made me believe, listen to my body and aim to know myself better.

puzzle2 Traveling                           genius Self – discovery                                    religion39 Yoga Journey

So join my journey! Each reader has a different perspective, and together we can add detail to this fast-paced, beautiful world we live in. Please comment, share your experience, thoughts or own tips for this journey called life. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!


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